Snow Camo Bear Skull

Currently only taking in animals you see pricing for.  

~Prices subject to change without notice~

Turkey arrow and beard

Deer - Whitetail or Mule

Shoulder Mount                          $575

Wall Pedestal                              $625

Open Mouth - Fleming jaw         + $200

Cape Deer off Body                   $75

Spare Cape                                 start at $75


Elk Shoulder Mount                   $1000

+ Open Mouth                          +300

European (aka Skull Mount)

Boiled Deer                                $150

Boiled Deer + hydro dip           $225

Composite Deer                         $125

Composite Deer +hydro dip     $165

Antelope or Bear                        $200

Boar                                             $225

Plaque / hangers                        Additional cost

Hydro-graphics (Pattern applied to skull)

Deer Skull Dipped                      $75

Composite Deer Skull Dipped    $40

Jaw                                              $25

Picture applied to skull            $25

Other items can be dipped - call for pricing.  Other patterns or colors not currently stocked will be an additional charge.  

Horn Plaques

Whitetail / Mule Deer                $100*

 * Mounted on solid wood plaque, alternate plaques may increase price. Felt colors: Burgundy, yellow, green, others see in shop. Want a plaque for a different species? - Call for pricing. 

Antler Repair

Whitetail / Mule Deer                $30 base charge + $12/inch

Elk                                              $50 base charge + $15/inch

One base charge per set of antlers.  Tines measured to the quarter inch from the longest side. 

Turkey - Fans

Fan on solid wood plaque           $150

Fan plaque + Spurs and Shell      $175

Fan Plaque + Spurs and Arrow   $200

Soft Tanned Hides

Coyote, Fox, Raccoon               $175

Deer                                           $200


Any Species                                $250/linear ft*

Comes standard with open mouth and double felt border with your choice of colors.  Machine sewn to tanned skin, with metal hangers.    * Final product measured from nose to base of tail. 


Hourly labor rate - $75/hour + supplies

Pre-made Habitat - Starting at $75

Mule deer 2018
Example Whitetail Shoulder Mount - Award Winning
Elk Mount

* All Taxidermy work requires ~50% down payment.

Balance due upon pickup.

Pick up greater than 30 days after being notified of completion is subject to storage and finance charges.

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