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25th of August 2018 01:55 AM Link
Have another hunter that will be cozy in their Shadow Hunter stand this year. He also got a water hole now. Just a bonus we put in while we where there. Almost big buck time. #Shtmstr8
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8th of August 2018 02:45 PM Link
These shadow hunter blinds are already attracting deer.
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2nd of August 2018 04:07 PM Link
The new hyperfire 2 from reconyx is here. Farther range ,longer battery life , 5 year warranty and best of all lower cost. Get a super deal from Tibbits archery call or text for pricing.
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31st of July 2018 06:58 PM Link
Shadow Hunter blind are now in stock. Hunt in style. Get your name on one now
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30th of July 2018 04:09 PM Link
Putting some RBO seed in today for a cystomer. We plant it all. Check these guys out
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26th of July 2018 01:01 PM Link
Here is a recap of our fertalizer spreader and how it works well for us.
25th of July 2018 01:38 PM Link
How are your plots coming? Nocking out more acres today. #shtmst8 #gturploton