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20th of March 2019 02:23 AM Link
Breanna is running this like an old pro. This is the first time she ever had it in her hand.Go girl. Its frost seed time. If you need seed let me know.
19th of March 2019 02:10 AM Link
Great to be in the woods again. Been a long winter. Where in northern lafayette county doing some timber stand improvement (TSI) and clear cutting. However we are not just dumping trees. Here is a quick glimpse of how we set up and create great wildlife habitat, deer corridors and bedding as well.
17th of March 2019 01:39 PM Link
Went shed huntjng yesterday w the kids. Huh wrong shed hunter. Anybody else having better luck?
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12th of March 2019 08:56 AM Link
This is the guy i wanna go ice fishin with.
12th of March 2019 01:50 AM Link
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11th of March 2019 03:20 AM Link
10th of March 2019 03:31 AM Link
That sounds about right...
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