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29th of May 2018 03:32 AM Link
Here is a great example of 2 different CRP mid contract maintenance plans. Pick the spray and interseed option. Here I mowed a few weeks ago and now am spraying it off. I then interseeded this field with some clovers this spring. #shtmstr8
29th of May 2018 03:28 AM Link
Here is a perfect example of a couple CRP fields with 2 different mid contract maintance plans. You can see the difference. Pick the mowing and spraying option. Here i am spraying it after we mowed a few weeks before. This field had clovers interseeded into it this spring.
27th of May 2018 10:29 AM Link
Quick video of some crp interseeding. The planter has been going full bore. Working great.
30th of April 2018 01:16 PM Link
28th of April 2018 03:20 PM Link
Super excited for the food plotting season to start. Added a bigger tractor and no till drill to our arsenal. Will be starting the season with planting soybeans corn and prairie grasses. Let us know if we can help you out. What is going in your plot this year?
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24th of April 2018 02:40 PM Link
Tree planting today
21st of April 2018 12:33 PM Link
Apple tree planting. Snow sure helped to keep the roots moist. Also one more thing i like to do if planting in a plot, is to keep the trees in a line for easier plot maintenance .