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  • Santa-Approved Bowhunting Gifts December 2, 2021
    For most people, Christmas is the most magical time of the year, but many bowhunters see it as the start of the end of hunting season. In that sense, Christmas can be a sad day, but it doesn’t have to be! Gift the bowhunter in your life one of these Santa-approved items, and you’ll help […]
  • Clutch Time Tactics for the Late Season November 30, 2021
    It’s sad, but true — bow season is almost over. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and if you still have a tag burning a hole in your pocket, it’s time to go for broke. The following clutch hunting tactics will tip the odds in your favor before the season ends.   Cover Ground Fast! […]
  • How to Stay Warm in the Stand November 23, 2021
    All your efforts planting food plots, running trail cameras and practicing with your bow are for naught if you’re not sitting in your stand when your target buck shows up because you were cold. Some of the best hunting each year — including the rut and post-rut — happens during cold weather. Dressing properly to […]
  • Tips for Hunting the November Rut Season with The Hunting Public November 19, 2021
    In this video, The Hunting Public shares some tips on hunting the rut and explain how it differs from early season hunting. Once November hits, it is all about does and breeding. About 100 yards from a spot that transitioned from oak to thicker cover, which is indicative of bedding areas, they found rubs and […]
  • Why Thanksgiving is the Perfect Time to Recruit a New Hunter November 18, 2021
    Friends and families travel great distances each year to enjoy each other’s company for a delicious Thanksgiving meal. After the food coma sets in and the ball games end, people relax during time away from work over the extended holiday weekend. For bowhunters, this means more time in the woods and a perfect opportunity to […]
  • 3 Ways to Donate Venison to People in Need November 16, 2021
    Arrowing an elk, deer or moose yields a lot of lean, organic venison that’s full of protein and highly nutritious. For most American hunters, the single most important reason for hunting is to obtain meat. If you shot enough big-game animals to fill your freezer, consider donating surplus meat or shooting another to donate entirely. […]
  • Public Land is All You Need. Period. November 11, 2021
    Public land has everything a bowhunter needs. Pete Hildreth of Des Moines, Iowa, is proof. He is 42 and has been hunting public lands for over 25 years. He’s currently the conservation and recreation division administrator for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, but his previous role as a wildlife technician and biologist with the […]
  • Tips and Strategies for Bowhunting Trophy Bucks November 4, 2021
    Most bowhunters dream of arrowing a trophy buck. You’ve probably imagined a once-in-a-lifetime animal walking through your setup about every time you’ve been hunting. Big bucks are elusive, majestic and magical in their own way. They’re also hard to find and even harder to kill — but not impossible. Dale Weddle is an outdoor writer […]
  • Calling Tactics for Rut-Crazed Whitetails November 2, 2021
    The rut is an outstanding time for bowhunters to get a shot at a lovestruck buck when he’s most vulnerable. In the fall, decreasing day length triggers a change in buck behavior and physiology. The typically solitary, secretive animals that rarely move in daylight most of the year become restless and nomadic, letting their guard […]