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8th of May 2019 11:18 AM Link
Here is a recap from yesterday of our food plot clearing, trail busting and water hole install. #shtmstr8
4th of May 2019 11:03 PM Link
First seed goes into the ground today (ok I guess I did frost seed) great to be on the tractor. Planting mass builder and 3 way annual clover. #Shtmstr8
27th of April 2019 10:37 AM Link
Can't say that I have seen this before. Have you?
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5th of April 2019 06:28 PM Link
Here is some screening we are doing next to a road. Triying to get more sun to some trees we have planted. Using the tops to get instant privacy.
4th of April 2019 11:16 AM Link
Quick safety tip for you doing some chain saw work. Sorry didnt realize my zoom was in to far but still wanted to share.
1st of April 2019 01:34 AM Link
Thanks everyone who came out to the field and stream outdoor life expo (formerly the deer n turkey expo). It was great seeing everyone and catching up. Thanks to our existing customers and new customers we met here. We never dreamed of our buisness taking off like it has. Couldn't do it without you.
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29th of March 2019 08:26 PM Link
All set up for the outdoor life and Field & Stream Expo this weekend. Stop by and say hi
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