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What’s New?

Fall 2015 – We just got to see the new Hoyt’s and can’t wait for everyone to see them.  Amy was also successful in harvesting a whitetail.


Spring 2015 – Check out some of our new products.  We can now dip gun stocks, and illuminate skull mounts.

gun dip light kit

December 2014 – Thank you to all our customers this year.  We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

11/15/14 – Amy built Tim a fully insulated enclosed hunting blind for his Birthday!

10/14 – Tim Shot a 177″ whitetail in land located in Mineral Point WI.
20141025_0920539/14 – Tim and Amy, Cujo and Ryan headed to New Mexico on an Elk hunt.  Cujo shot a 330″ bull and Tim was left with tag soup.

2/14 -Skull dipping is now available for European mounts.  Available in snow camo, camo, pink snow camo, and pink camo.   

1/14 – The ATA show was filled with lots of new products.  Stop by the shop to
check out the new bows and learn about some of the new products. 

9/13 – We went on an Arizona 4B Elk trip and had lots of action but ended up with Tag soup. 


7/21/13 – We just returned from our Antelope Hunt with Belle River Outfitters. It was a blast and all 8 members of our group tagged out in 2.5 days. Looking forward to the Arizona 4B Elk hunt that is upcoming.