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"I have leased land with several of my buddies for the past 3 years and Tim has helped us tremendously.  He was able to educate the landowner so he would allow us to put in food plots.  Tim has done a beautiful job and I couldn't be happier.  He does everything so we don't have to worry about anything.  His expertise has helped our leased property thrive and hold more deer.   I couldn't be happier especially since I have been able to harvest several bucks in the past two years off the property."

John Ford

Mineral Point WI

Leased Land


"These are some of the largest turnips that I've ever seen.  Thanks to Tim and Amy Tibbits for helping plant some awesome food plots for me.  They helped me establish annual clover plots and come to plant my perennial plots every year.  I couldn't be happier with the quality of my food plots and the deer that have come to my property because of them.  Tim's knowledge on all the different seed blends helped me decide what to plant on my property to attract the most deer.  Ever since he has come to my property I have seen a progressive increase in deer on my property!"

Jerry Luther

Gillett, WI



"Tim has helped me on two different properties for the past several years.  One property I lease and one I own in partnership.  On the property that I own in partnership, he was able to educate everyone so we could all agree on a plan and move forward with implementation.   I enjoy working with Tim and have been able to help when I can.  I have had fun planting food plots and learning how to manipulate my properties to hold deer.  Tim has been very helpful, and is always willing to answer questions and come out to my property when needed. I would recommend his land management services without reservation."

Doug Lindsey

Milwaukee, WI

Landowner and Leased property



Matt True

Mount Horeb, WI

Leased Land


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