Do you have a spot your thinking about planting? Let us know we would love to come and help you plan and plant your food plot.

Our food plot services range from planting a small food plot to full installation and management of your property.  If you are a do-it-your-self-er,  we can teach you how to manage your own food plots.



Used for establishing and maintaining your food plot.

dozing a new plot

Skid steer

Attachments include a grapple, forks, and bucket.  All used for various property maintenance jobs as well as food plot creation.

Skidsteer grapple bucket with log tines


With backhoe, no till drill, rototiller, disc, and bush hog mower for maintaining, planting and manicuring your property.

Rototilling below shop


With the following attachments: 2 row corn/soybean planter, disc, sprayer, mower, and cultipacker.

Andy Planting corn and soybeans



From frost seeding to fall planting and from annual to perianal stands, we can help you do it all.  We can plant different products on your property to help with year-round nutrition and hunting season attraction.

Tim specializes in installation and maintenance of all food plot types and has the equipment for almost any project.

Don't know what you should plant on your property?  No fear, Tim is hear.  With his expertise, he can help you pick the right seed mix for your property and purpose.

food plotting
Frost Seeding
Tim seeding Doug's
Rototill after below shop



In order to beat the weeds and make your plot look the best, we recommend 1-2 sprayings prior to planting.

Tim and Hunter Spraying with ATV
ATV sprayer on aluminum trailer
ATV spraying


Soil Preparation

From collecting and sending in a soil sample to application of lime and fertilizer, we can help you establish a successful plot.

Geneva food plot strips
Pelletized Lyme



Don't have the time or equipment to mow your food plots?  Call us we can help.

atv mowing
tractor brush hog
atv mower
tractor mowing by river
mowing after

Food Plot Products

Tim Tibbits Antler king
Click on Picture to go to their website.
Antler King with dear in ranger
gro fortress screening
Fortress - Screening
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grandpa ray outdoors seed

Service Area

Serving all of Southwest Wisconsin and Southern Wisconsin including Iowa County, Lafayette County, Grant County, Richland County, Sauk County, Green County, Vernon, and Dane County.

If you're located further, call for availability.


Planting:  0-1 Acre $300; 1-2 Acre $400; 2-4 Acres $500; 4-6 Acres $600; 6+ Acres - Call for estimate

Mowing/Skid-steer work:  $100/hour

Dozer work: $125/hour

Spraying:  $100 for first tank; $60 each additional tank.

Some services subject to a drop fee which includes loading, gas in equipment, and mileage to and from your property.

Above prices are approximate and do not include supplies such as Lyme, fertilizer, seed etc.

Other Services - Call for an estimate.

Educational Videos 

Video - Clearing a food plot before
Video - Clearing a food plot After
Brimming a Food Plot
Diversification of food plot video