Habitat Management

We can help you do just about everything you can think of to establish, maintain, and improve your property for whitetail deer and other wildlife.  Our services range from planting a small food plot to full management of your property.  If you are a do-it-your-selfer,  our land management consulting might be just right for you.  We will show you how to set up your land and manage it yourself.

Services / Equipment

Bulldozer for trail system and food plot establishment or maintenance.

Skid steer with grapple, forks, and bucket for property maintenance, and tree stand placement.

Tractor with backhoe for wildlife waterhole creation.  Tractor tiller, disc, and bush hog mower for planting and maintenance.

ATV – 2 row planter, sprayer, disc, trail mower, and cultipacker.


1/2 day (<4 hours)- $300;

Full Day (up to 8 hours) $500.

All trips to your property are subject to a drop fee which includes loading and mileage to and from your property.

Above prices are approximate. Call for an estimate.

Products Available

We stock Antler King and Grandpa Ray Outdoor food plot seed, some fertilizer, and lyme – please call for availability.

Shadow Hunter blind Dealer – Tree stand set-up available.

Service Area

Serving all of Southwest Wisconsin including Iowa, Lafayette, Grant, Richland and Dane Counties.  If outside this area, call for availability.

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Video – Clearing a food plot before

Video – Clearing a food plot After

Diversification of food plot video

Brimming  a Food Plot