On-Site Land Consultation

Let us help you figure out a game plan for your property.  Before the habitat improvement or trail creation can begin, we have to have the right plan.  With the right plan, we can help build your dream property!

At your on-site land consultation meeting, we will listen carefully to your needs and goals.  We will spend a generous amount of time assessing your property and catering it to your specific needs.  During this visit you will learn about water hole placement, travel corridors, tree stand placement and access, hinge cutting, food plot placement and much much more. 

Each on-site land consultation will have an opportunity to purchase a habitat design map.  This map will be made using satellite imagery and overlaying that with your habitat plan.  This map will serve as your manual to come back to as you continue to improve your land.  

Your property is one call away from making it become everything you envisioned and more. 

Contact us, today, for information on consultation fees and scheduling.


Example of a basic map created for one of our clients.  Notice the orange strip along the road in this picture.  The next picture shows this area right after planting the screening in spring to shield the road.

screening road

Screening planted in spring to seclude the road.