On-Site Land Consultation

Let us help you figure out a game plan for your property.  Before the habitat improvement or trail creation can begin, we have to have the right plan.  With the right plan, we can help build your dream property! It all starts with food, water, and bedding and then builds from there. 

At your on-site land consultation meeting, we will listen carefully to your needs and goals.  We will spend a generous amount of time assessing your property and catering it to your specific needs.  During this visit you will learn about water hole placement, travel corridors, tree stand placement and access, hinge cutting, food plot placement and much much more. 

Each on-site land consultation will have an opportunity to get a habitat design map as featured below.  This map will be made using satellite imagery and overlaying that with your habitat plan.  This map will serve as your manual to come back to as you continue to improve your land. 

We can not only help you set up your property, but we have the equipment to implement the plan!  

Your property is one call away from making it everything you envisioned and more. 

Contact us, today, for information on consultation fees and scheduling.  608-574-4327

Blank Canvas to Comprehensive Plan
Blank Canvas to Comprehensive Plan

Food and Water

These are the two of the most important factors in getting deer to move on your property and go past a stand.  Careful planning during your consult can save time and money when you place these items in the right spot off the start.

New food plot
Tim Tibbits Antler king


How many hours have you contemplated how to create deer beds on your property and where to put them, or if you should make a sanctuary.  Each piece of property is different, but getting a consult is the best way to come up with a plan that is right for your property, and creates movement between food, water, and bedding to increase your chance for harvesting a trophy!

Deer Bedding
Creating a deer bed on a hillside.
Deciding between bedding and sanctuary
Bedding vs. Sanctuary and how they differ

Screening - eg. planting & hinge cutting:

There are many ways to screen whether you are screening a road, or screening yourself from deer as you access your property.  Below is an example of planting a screening product such as fortress or Egyptian wheat or Real World's new Giant Miscanthus along a road.  Another example is the 3rd picture where we recommend to the client that he hinge cut along the road to hide deer from the road.  Realize the options are endless. Find out what is best for your land and your timeframe with a consult.


Notice the orange strip along the road on the left side of this picture.  This is the area we recommended that the client plant screening to hide the property from the road.  The next picture shows this area right after planting the screening in spring.

screening road
Screening planted in spring to hide the road.
Hinge cutting along road
Recommended hinge cutting to screen a road.

What type of trees to plant or remove?

Doing a land consultation can help you figure out what kind of trees and where to plant them.  Sometimes doing a clear cut is what an area needs.  Whether you think you might need to clear cut an area, enhance an area with basswoods, screen with pines, or plant a few apple trees in key spots we can go through that all during a consultation.

Apple tree planting
Apple tree planting
Kubota Track Skidsteer with grapple bucket
Clear cutting
Basswood Trees
Basswood Trees


Some areas might get over browsed by the deer if left to eat before the time is right, or cattle or other animals may devour it.  During consults, we can recommend not only what type of food to plant, but how to protect that food source until it is ready.

Electric Fence
Electric fence
Apple tree fencing
Apple Tree Fencing