Our Business

We are a family owned and operated business and appreciate all of our customers who have and continue to support us and patron our business.  We look forward to equipping you with the latest products and building your knowledge and skills in the archery and hunting industry.

Growing up on a farm, Tim developed a strong work ethic and learned varying agricultural practices. His love for the outdoors along with his passion for hunting led him to starting this business in 2007 in the basement of his house.  The business continued to grow so a shop was built next to the house in 2010.  In 2017 Tim resigned from his full time nursing career to pursue his business full time and do nursing part time.

Tim Tibbits 2016


Tim is the main person behind the business.  He has a passion for educating people on the outdoors and is excited for our customers when they are able to gain knowledge thru him.  His love for creating habitats on properties and getting people equipped with the right archery equipment is something he takes pride in.  He also works as needed as a registered nurse for Upland Hills Health Homecare and Hospice in Dodgeville. 

Community Involvement:

  • Iowa County Deer Advisory Committee (CDAC) Board Member since 2017
  • Seven Oaks Archery Member
  • Tri-County Archery Member
  • South West ATV Member
  • T-Riders Snowmobile Secretary
amy white turkey


Amy helps with the business when she isn’t busy taking care of the kids or working.  She is a Physician Assistant at Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County.  Her talent brings our website to life, keeps our accounting in line, and you can even find her helping in the archery shop or practicing her suturing skills in the taxidermy shop.  She likes to work outdoors driving equipment, pitching a shovel or working a chainsaw. 

Community Involvement:

  • Seven Oaks Archery – Secretary / Treasurer
  • Peniel Church – Member
  • Ruby’s Pantry Volunteer

Breanna and Hunter

Our two kids enjoy the outdoors.  They like to shed hunt, morale hunt, and shoot at 3D archery competitions.  

Thankfully we live in Wisconsin where any age kid can go bow hunting.  Hunter was able to harvest his first buck in fall of 2019 which was still in full velvet in the early season.  Breanna likes to bring the video camera out to the stand.     

Check out our video on Facebook of Breanna shooting a youth crossbow for the first time. 

Check out our video on Facebook of Hunter shooting his first buck.

Additionally, try reading this article regarding Naperville Tree Service, bond, and licensing as well. This guarantees that you won’t get any injuries during our operations or in any unlikely events. For additional information, go to https://www.treeservice-naperville.com/.