Store Hours:

Available by appointment 7 days a week, and some Nights/weekends.


Tim Tibbits - (608) 574-4327



760 Lost Grove Rd

Mineral Point, WI 53565

Owners: Tim and Amy Tibbits

Tim and Amy Elk Hunting
Our Business panoramic
Business is located in the tan shed. Use lower driveway.

Driving Directions

Note: Lost Grove Road goes North and Powell Road Goes South at the same intersection on County A!

From Dodgeville / Mineral Point -- Head South on 151, turn Left on Cty A.  In ~3 miles go Right on Lost Grove Rd.  In ~ 1.3 miles is our shop. 

From Platteville -- Go North on 151 towards Mineral Point.  Turn Right on Cty A. In ~3 miles take a Right on Lost Grove Rd.  In ~1.3 miles is our shop.

From Lancaster / Rewey -- Travel County A towards 151.  Take a Left onto Lost Grove Rd (first left after Cty J).  In ~1.3 miles is our shop.

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2nd of July 2019 11:49 PM Link
Reconyx cameras are in. Hey ready for the season. These won't last long. If you want a camera in a class by itself this is the one.
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1st of July 2019 04:11 PM Link
Here the totals from the Tibbits archery rain guage from the past 24 hours. Wowser.
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22nd of June 2019 03:06 AM Link
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31st of May 2019 12:23 PM Link
Quick spraying tip so you dont get a wet back
12th of May 2019 12:01 AM Link
We are renting some of our food plot equipment, excavator and other equipment out.. Check out our website for prices and availability.
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11th of May 2019 04:11 PM Link
Quick tip to save you money and n a big headache when getting your sprayer ready for the season.
9th of May 2019 02:15 PM Link
The official tibbits archery and ultimate habitat creations rain gage. Here is your southern Iowa county official rain measurement over the past 48 hours. These guages might be like our bone n Crockett scoring might be a little more than most...😅💪☝️
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  • World Champion, World Record, World Class
    September 4, 2019Team USA archer and Hoyt Pro Staff member, Brady Ellison, is currently the top ranked archer in the world heading into the 2019 World Cup Final. Having won gold in two of the season’s World Cup stages, Ellison is a favorite to win Gold at the World Cup final. In addition to his two […]
  • Pre-Season/Mid-Season Bow Inspection
    Chances are, you’ve been shooting your bow a lot lately, getting ready for the upcoming archery season. With all that recent shooting, it’s a good idea to check out a few areas on your bow to make sure it’s as ready as you are. It’s also a good idea to inspect these areas regularly during […]
  • Archery World Cup: Antalya, Turkey
    ANTALYA, Turkey — The 2019 World Cup series continues in Antalya, Turkey, a venue most international archers have competed at. The Hoyt Team displayed incredible talent showing mid to late season scores on the board. Brady Ellison displayed a strong performance taking him all the way to the gold medal match where he was able to […]
  • Archery World Cup: Shanghai, China
    SHANGHAI, China — The Hyundai Archery World Cup series continues in Shanghai, a location archers compete at every year. This tournament held standouts including Roberto Hernandez, So Chaewon, Brady Ellison and Kim Woojin. So Chaewon fought her way to the gold medal match, walking away successful as the World Cup champion. So Chaewon moments before she […]
  • Course Record and Redding Champion!
    REDDING, California — The Western Classic Trail Shoot takes place every year at the Straight Arrow Bow Hunters club. Last year, they experienced a devastating fire taking out the course, targets and forest in the area. Their team worked diligently through the year accomplishing their goal, rebuilding the course. This is a special tournament to the […]
  • Archery World Cup: Medellin, Colombia
    MEDELLIN, Colombia — The first Hyundai Archery World Cup of the season took place this past weekend in Medellin, Colombia. Many standouts including Brady Ellison, Sara Lopez and Mike Schloesser who all won their respective division as well as punched their ticket to the World Cup Final this Fall.Brady Ellison and World Cup first timer […]
  • On Top at the First Dakota Classic
    YANKTON, South Dakota — The First Dakota Classic attracted archers from around the globe to come compete at the NFAA headquarters. Some archers trekked through snow and ice in an unexpected April storm. The Classic holds a unique format with the qualification round consisting of 4 ends of 5 arrows shot at 3 distances, beginning […]
  • Golden in the Arizona Heat
    PHOENIX, Arizona — Arizona Cup, the first stage of the United States Archery Team qualifier event series. Each USAT event runs a similar schedule with archers having an official practice, qualification and elimination day. This tournament held back to back events with Olympic trials leading up to it and World Archery Championship Trials kicking off […]
  • NFAA Indoor Nationals
    CINCINNATI, Ohio — NFAA Indoor Nationals is held this year in Cincinnati, OH and next year will move back to it’s famous location, Louisville, KY. This event attracts archers from across the globe to shoot at the unique blue and white 5 spot target face. After two days of shooting, archers meet at the finals […]
  • Vegas Champions
    LAS VEGAS, Nevada — The Vegas Shoot is a world level event hosting archers, beginner to professional, from across the globe. Topping registration this year at 3,767. Among them, Sara Lopez and Chaewon So, finished the tournament with a perfect 900 score. This was the first time in history two women forced a shoot-off with […]

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  • Elk hunting is not a far fetched dream, it simply takes the desire to want to do it.
    By Ryan Johnson, Bowtech Pro Staff Chances are, if you’re a bowhunter, you fall in to one of two categories: an elk hunting junky or someone who’s always dreamed about elk hunting. If you find yourself in the first category, please let me know if you want to start a support group, we can drown […]
  • 2019 Bowtech Launch: Realm SR6 & SS Review
    By Jon E. Silks Gear Testing Editor – Petersen’s Bowhunting Magazine   The expert reviews keep rolling in! “Shooting the SR6 was a pleasure – they could have named it the SR6 SS.” “Shooting the Realm SS in the smooth setting will have you questioning the draw-weight setting. It is extremely easy to draw front […]
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    By Scott Bestul Field & Stream   Each January, the archery and bowhunting industry converges for the annual Archery Trade Association show. This is where most of the new products for the following season are debuted. The convention hall is surrounded by shooting lanes, giving us a chance to try all the year’s top new […]
  • Spot and Stalk Javelina in Arizona
    by: Jon Yokely, Bowtech Pro Staff Octobers in Arizona are always slow for a bowhunter! My friend Tiger and I decided to go and purchase an over the counter javelina tag on the Hualapai Indian Res. This is a tough hunt but with some really hard work and little luck it can produce. The first […]

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  • Team Easton Sweeps Archery World Cup Final Championships
    Moscow, Russia   The top archers of the 2019 World Cup season converged on Moscow for the 2019 World Cup Final, and Team Easton shooters once again proved their mettle, sweeping the Gold medals in all four categories, men’s and women’s recurve and compound. Men’s Recurve gold medalist Brady Ellison (USA) capped an astronomical season […]
  • Men’s Recurve – New World Record – Brady Ellison
    First United States competitor crowned World Champion since 1985. The Netherlands—Team Easton’s Brady Ellison put an exclamation point on the 2019 outdoor season with a decisive perfect “X” in a finals shoot-off to clinch the World Championship—his first, and the first for any USA archer in 34 years. Brady wielded his Easton X10 arrows to […]
  • Comparing and Selecting Target Stabilizers
    Selecting target stabilizers and picking a target stabilizer system seems like a tough task, as complicated as any other choice in archery. There are a stunning number of choices available, there is a lot of marketing speak that goes with many of these items, and it’s a difficult thing for the average shooter to figure out. […]
  • HUSH Hunting – Behind the scenes at Easton Factory
    HUSH Hunting Easton was happy to host Hush on a tour of the Easton Factory in Salt Lake City, Utah. The tour detailed the history of Doug Easton’s start in archery, and the company’s beginnings in 1922. As the only manufacturer of arrows made in the USA, Easton is proud to provide jobs to nearly […]
  • Arrow Vanes – New Bully Vanes with ultra-stiff design for high speed stability
    Easton, the premier archery arrow brand since 1922 has introduced NEW BULLY Arrow VANES. Bully Vanes feature a new ultra-stiff material in a compact design for superior broadhead control with exceptional durability and easy tuning. Bully Vanes use a unique combination stiff construction and profile to stabilize all types of broadheads for improved accuracy. The […]
  • Easton Arrows Made In USA
    Summer might be a time when many outdoorsmen are thinking more about fishing than hunting, but at Easton’s Utah plant, hunting arrow production is in full swing this time of year.  “The machines are pretty much running full time as we prepare to meet bowhunter demand during the busy summer selling season” said Clay Henderson, […]
  • My Father’s Daughter – Sierra Langbell Spring Bear Hunt
     When I was a little girl I heard someone else telling a story about my father shooting a bear with a bow. I imagined this huge dramatic scene and I was in awe. I knew that someday I wanted to do something dangerous and extreme like that. Fast forward 25 years and my biggest […]
  • Team Easton Sweeps Medals in Shanghai- Unstoppable on World Cup Tour
    Team Easton shooters accomplished another total sweep of every individual medal at the second leg of the World Archery World Cup, this time in Shanghai, China this past weekend. Sweeping every podium position in both compound and recurve, Easton shooters also set new World Records with the invincible Easton X10. Korea’s LEE Woo Seok and […]
  • PROCOMP – Affordable, High-Performance Compound Target Arrow
      Shooters looking for world class performance that won’t break the budget now have a better choice- the world-competition proven Easton PROCOMP is shipping now, worldwide. Thoroughly tested and podium proven at the highest levels by competitors like World Champions Steve Anderson and Braden Gellenthein, PROCOMP uses Easton’s superior high-modulus carbon A/C construction to create […]
  • Cameron Hanes – Consistency
    Check out the new video from Cameron Hanes – Consistency. Sun up to sun down, it’s all about punching that time clock and putting in the work while the world sleeps Cameron Hanes is no stranger to hard work and despite what some may think, his journey to becoming one of the most recognized Bowhunter […]
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