Store Hours:

Available by appointment 7 days a week, and some Nights/weekends.


Tim Tibbits - (608) 574-4327



760 Lost Grove Rd

Mineral Point, WI 53565

Owners: Tim and Amy Tibbits

Tim and Amy Elk Hunting
Our Business panoramic
Business is located in the tan shed. Use lower driveway.

Driving Directions

Note: Lost Grove Road goes North and Powell Road Goes South at the same intersection on County A!

From Dodgeville / Mineral Point -- Head South on 151, turn Left on Cty A.  In ~3 miles go Right on Lost Grove Rd.  In ~ 1.3 miles is our shop. 

From Platteville -- Go North on 151 towards Mineral Point.  Turn Right on Cty A. In ~3 miles take a Right on Lost Grove Rd.  In ~1.3 miles is our shop.

From Lancaster / Rewey -- Travel County A towards 151.  Take a Left onto Lost Grove Rd (first left after Cty J).  In ~1.3 miles is our shop.

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20th of March 2019 02:23 AM Link
Breanna is running this like an old pro. This is the first time she ever had it in her hand.Go girl. Its frost seed time. If you need seed let me know.
19th of March 2019 02:10 AM Link
Great to be in the woods again. Been a long winter. Where in northern lafayette county doing some timber stand improvement (TSI) and clear cutting. However we are not just dumping trees. Here is a quick glimpse of how we set up and create great wildlife habitat, deer corridors and bedding as well.
17th of March 2019 01:39 PM Link
Went shed huntjng yesterday w the kids. Huh wrong shed hunter. Anybody else having better luck?
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12th of March 2019 08:56 AM Link
This is the guy i wanna go ice fishin with.
12th of March 2019 01:50 AM Link
Message image
11th of March 2019 03:20 AM Link
10th of March 2019 03:31 AM Link
That sounds about right...
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  • NFAA Indoor Nationals
    CINCINNATI, Ohio — NFAA Indoor Nationals is held this year in Cincinnati, OH and next year will move back to it’s famous location, Louiseville, KY. This event attracts archers from across the globe to shoot at the unique blue and white 5 spot target face. After two days of shooting, archers meet at the finals […]
  • Vegas Champions
    LAS VEGAS, Nevada — The Vegas Shoot is a world level event hosting archers, beginner to professional, from across the globe. Topping registration this year at 3,767. Among them, Sara Lopez and Chaewon So, finished the tournament with a perfect 900 score. This was the first time in history two women forced a shoot-off with […]
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  • Indoor World Series: Nimes
    NIMES, France — “Europe’s longest-running major indoor tournament returns in 2019 for its 21st year, hosting upwards of 1000 archers in the Parc des Expos in the southern France city of Nimes.” - World ArcheryTeam Hoyt prevails in one of the most prestigious Indoor World events. Standouts include, Janine Meissner, who posted an incredible score […]
  • Indoor World Series: Rome
    ROME, Italy — Archers travelled from all over the world to Rome, Italy for the third stage of the Indoor World Series. Crispin Duenas, with his Formula X and Carbon Velos limbs, walked away with a victory shooting nine perfect tens in the Gold final. Crispin Duenas (right) competing against Brady Ellison (left).Crispin Duenas with nine […]
  • Golden Across the USA
    Team Hoyt archers met on the field at their respective regional events this past weekend. The Midwest Open held in Peoria, IL consisted of a two day event including both the NFAA five spot target and Vegas face. Paul Tedford walked away with a win after an intense final shoot-off. Out west, the Idaho Open […]
  • Indoor World Series: Macau
    MACAU, China — The second stage of the Indoor World Series was the first international indoor tournament to take place in China. Mike Schloesser, Mr. Perfect, met Rajat Chauhan in the GOLD final. Schloesser came out on top with a match of 147-146. Schloesser (GOLD)Rajat Chauhan (SILVER) and Mike Schloesser (GOLD) both with Prevail in hand.Oh Jin […]
  • Indoor World Series: Luxembourg
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  • JVD Open, Kings of Archery
    EINDHOVEN, Netherlands — The JVD Open, Kings of Archery tournament consists of 90 scoring arrows and an intense shoot-off to determine the winner. Team Hoyt swept the podium for Compound Men and displayed other outstanding performances. Winner, Paul Tedford stands tall on top of the podium beside teammates Jean-Philippe Boulch (SILVER) and Steve Anderson (BRONZE). All three […]

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  • 3D Target Arrows – Hyperspeed and Hyperspeed Pro
    New Hyperspeed and Hyperspeed Pro arrows are all-around performers for target, 3D, and hunting. The Hyperspeed arrows are ultra lightweight 6.5MM shafts combine all-out speed with the unmatched accuracy of Easton’s Made-in-USA Carbon Arrow technology. The Hyperspeed is available in the most popular performance spine sizes ranging from 300 to 500. The Hyperspeed Pro version […]
    Team Easton Bowhunting is ready to do some hunting! Before the season kicks off, we asked some of the members about archery and tips for bowhunters. Check it out: John Dudley, Host of Nock Out Outdoors Years Bowhunting: 27 Favorite Hunting Arrow: The Hexx Bowhunting Tip: “The key to archery is seeking to execute a […]
  • Braden Gellenthien Takes Nîmes Title With Superdrive 23 Arrows
    Braden Gellenthien (USA) earned a repeat trip to the top step in Nîmes, France taking gold over American compatriot Kris Schaff. Men’s compound saw three previous Nimes winners on the podium. “Mr. Perfect” Mike Schloesser (Netherlands) earned a hard fought bronze medal. Gellenthien used Easton’s SuperDrive 23, while Schaff and Schloesser chose Easton X23 arrows. The largest […]
  • Team Easton ç’est magnifique at Nimes European Indoor
    Team Easton shooters were all over the podium at Europe’s premiere Nimes European indoor archery tournament, taking 9 of 12 podium positions in the premiere senior categories, including total podium sweeps in Men’s Compound and Recurve. Shooters from across the globe descended upon Nîmes, France for the penultimate stage of the Indoor World Series. The […]
  • Contour CS Target Bow Stabilizer Limited-Edition Colors
    With countless podiums across the globe, the proven Contour CS bow stabilizer system has had tremendous success in both compound and recurve competition venues since its 2015 introduction. Featuring aerospace-grade graphite fiber and proprietary Easton Tri-Modulus design, Contour CS is optimized for shooters looking for the stiffest possible stabilizer. The graphite fiber construction allows for […]