Store Hours:

Available by appointment 7 days a week, and some Nights/weekends.


Tim Tibbits - (608) 574-4327



760 Lost Grove Rd

Mineral Point, WI 53565

Owners: Tim and Amy Tibbits

Business is located in the tan shed. Use lower driveway.
Business is located in the tan shed. Use lower driveway.

Driving Directions

Note: Lost Grove Road goes North and Powell Road Goes South at the same intersection on County A!

From Dodgeville / Mineral Point -- Head South on 151, turn Left on Cty A.  In ~3 miles go Right on Lost Grove Rd.  In ~ 1.3 miles is our shop. 

From Platteville -- Go North on 151 towards Mineral Point.  Turn Right on Cty A. In ~3 miles take a Right on Lost Grove Rd.  In ~1.3 miles is our shop.

From Lancaster / Rewey -- Travel County A towards 151.  Take a Left onto Lost Grove Rd (first left after Cty J).  In ~1.3 miles is our shop.

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22nd of March 2018 08:06 PM Link
European day. Whats your favorite color
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20th of March 2018 07:59 PM Link
Part 2 of my edge hinging and cooridor work. Amazing what u can gt done with thr saw in an hour.
20th of March 2018 01:33 AM Link
DO YOU HAVE A ROAD BLOCK ON YOUR MAIN TRAIL LEADING TO YOUR STAND? Out with the saw today. Part 1 of some hinge cutting I just did.I am going to run this video tonight as the before and then post part 2 (after, tomorrowish). I had an hour before the kids came home. This is my favorite stand. In the video i made it sound as though i sat in it every night. When actually i only sat it probably 6 times this year. Each hunt was great. You can't beat building a bedding area and knowing something is gonna come out. Holy anticipation #shtmstr8
16th of March 2018 02:03 PM Link
Who is going to the Wisconsin deer and turkey expo? Where having a booth this year. Be sure to stop by and say hi. Lets talk archery and habitat enhancement. Been busy getting our display set up. Mark your calanders for april 6th thru the 8th. Not far now. #shtmstr8 #geturploton
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15th of March 2018 12:57 PM Link
15th of March 2018 02:49 AM Link
Tri County Archers Indoor 3D brush shoot
Tri County Archers will be having a 3D indoor brush shoot, March 17-18, at the clubhouse. Mark your calendars and come o...
17th of March 2018 12:00 PM
13th of March 2018 09:57 PM Link
In this blirp lets talk about smaller chain saws. I love using these for making travel cooridors and small branch work. Sometimes i end up using them almost like a weed wipper. They are much easier to maneuver and save alot of arm,back and shoulder wear. Use what you have but if you ever have a chance to pick up a smaller saw youll live it. I know the stihl 170 runs around $180 bucks.
12th of March 2018 10:37 PM Link
Quick blirb on frost seeding. Seems like alot of our plots are on poorly sloped soil or ditches. . So many times we are pushed to the corner or hillside areas to put our plots. Try this in them areas to help with erosion.Now is the time. Who else is frost seeding this week? #geturploton #shtmstr8
9th of March 2018 01:55 AM Link
Thanks nick way for bringing your deer to us. I seen this guy shoot his bow when he was younger and ill tell you. Deer are in trouble around him..
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4th of March 2018 01:48 AM Link
Hunter "dog" Tibbits with a big find today. Who else was out today.
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