Caping a Whitetail Shoulder Mount

  1. Hang your deer up by the hind legs.  Notice the cut is thru the skin just behind the tendon.legs

2. Make the initial cut around the entire belly of the deer approximately 4” above the armpits as shown below in the right picture. Cut around the entire animal at that height

capinglegs3.  Next, cut the hide around each front leg approximately 4" down from the armpit as shown above.

4.  Connect the cut in the belly with the one on the legs by cutting   the hide up the leg on the outside of the white hair as shown by the tape in the pictures.   (i.e. don't cut thru the armpits which are needed)


5. Carefully skin the hide starting around the belly and working your way down as above.  Be careful in the armpits since the hide is thin.

skinleg6. Continue skinning by cutting the white membrane between the hide and the meat. Once you get close to the top vertebrae, you will have to hold the skin open as shown in the pictures.

7. Once you're as far up as possible, cut through the meat at the top vertebrae and twist the neck off.

8.  Call Tibbits Taxidermy at 608-574-4327 to arrange a drop off time. 

9.  Bring to us or freeze immediately in double plastic garbage bags to prevent damage.  Do not allow thawing and refreezing of your specimen. Keep it dry, cool and bug free for the best results.