Photo tips:

Pictures last a lifetime, so we want to make sure you end up with a good picture of your trophy. Follow some of these simple but effective tips to ensure your in the field photo looks great!

  1. Cut off tongue - Make sure the tongue is not hanging out.  If it is, tuck it in or cut it off.
  2. Wipe off blood - on the deer and your hands.
  3. Cover Guts - If you're taking pictures after you've gutted the dear, cover up the blood on the cavity with your backpack, bow, gun, vegetation, leaves or other natural habitat.
  4. Take off Face camo -  If you have face camo on make sure to get a few pictures without it on.
  5. Show off Weapon - having the weapon used eg. bow or gun on the deer is visually appealing.
  6. Avoid branches - check to make sure there aren't any across your face or the deer's.
  7. Focus Camera - Make sure the picture is focused.  Sometimes on your phone there will be dew or condensation.  Wipe off the lens.
  8. Take picture from below - This will make your rack look the largest, take the picture at the level of the deer’s nose. (i.e. you may have to kneel or lay down or pose the deer on a small hill).
  9. Different angles - Take lots of pictures from different angles to capture different sides of the antlers.

Wipe off Blood & Cut Tongue

Bloody face

Cut off Tongue

Tongue hanging out

Wipe off Blood

Blood not washed off

Wipe off Blood on Hands

blood hands

Cover guts - eg. plants & bow

cover cavity

Take off Face Camo

Face Camo left on

Show off weapon

include weapon used

Avoid Branches

branches in face

Make sure Focused


Take from below


Different angles