Pedestal Mounts

Available are single or double pedestal mounts.  All pedestal mounts come with fully finished backs.

Double pedestal mount
Double Stump Pedestal
Pedestal Mount
Pedestal Multiple Rubs on Single Faux Stump
Tree Pedestal w/european
Finished back double pedestal
Single Pedestal

Whitetail / Mule Deer Shoulder Mounts

Habitat shown on pictures is available for any mount and on display at the shop.  Come on out and check out how you want your next mount done.

Mule deer 2018

Tine Repair

Want a tine fixed? We'll fix any tine that has been broken or damaged.  Usually molded from another tine on the same rack.  Come on out to the shop to see a close-up.

Tine Repair - Whitetail
Tine Repair
Tine repair prior to coloration
Mid-Tine repair
Close up of whitetail tine repair
Final Tine repair close up
Left Brow Tine Repaired
Left Brow Tine Repaired
Horn Plaque Engraved and left G2 repaired tine
Left G2 Tine repaired


Boiled or Replica skulls available
Boiled European on a Plaque
Wall Pedestal
Want to put a fun pattern on your skull?
Check out our hydrographics page.
Dual Plain Replicas
Dual Plain Replicas
Fall Base - Boiled
Fall Base - Boiled


Choose from open or closed mouth.  Head turned or straight.  We can do a detachable horn if the rack is too big to go thru the door.

Elk open mouth
open mouth elk
Elk Mount
Elk Straight Ahead


From skull mounts to rugs to shoulder, full or 3/4 mounts.

Bear 1/2 mount
3/4 mount bear
Snow Camo Bear Skull
black bear rug front
Black bear rug
Bear Rug

Other Animals

Have something to mount that you don't see an example of?  Call us to see if we can mount it.

Badger rock habitat
coyote mount
Coyote on Wood base
Coyote on wood slab
Coyote Pedestal on Rock
flying squirrel
double headed goat full image
Coon on wall rock
Full Body Open Mouth Coyote and Pheasant
antelope shoulder mount

Turkey Fan Plaques

Decide how basic or how fancy you want your plaque.  Different plaques are available engraved or plain, and any type of wood.

Turkey Beard only
Turkey Beard only
Turkey arrow and beard
Turkey arrow and beard
Turkey Feet and Beard
Turkey Feet and Beard
Turkey Shell and beard
Turkey Shell and beard

Horn Plaques

Choose the shape and color of your plaques.  Looking to add detail try engraving.  Felt colors are unlimited we do have camo, burgundy, yellow, green, and black in stock.

Shield Horn Plaque
Blade Plaque
Arrowhead plaque
Arrowhead plaque
Horn Plaque Engraved and left G2 repaired tine

Engraved Arrowhead plaque

Other Antler Plaques
Other Antler Plaques

Soft Tanned Hides

Fox Soft Tanned
Deer Flat
Deer Flat
Raccoon Soft tanned

Tibbits Taxidermy does not currently do fish, and recommend Ricky Ridge Taxidermy in Dodgeville for that.