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Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Indoor 20 yard Archery Range

Indoor Range Fee - $7.00/day

Bow Service Pricing

General Tuning/ setup $50-75.00   Install sight or quiver** $5.00
Wheel Timing/ Cam Lean $10-20.00   Arrow Rest Install** $20.00-30.00
Draw Length Adjustment $10.00   Poundage  Adjustment $10.00
Install D-Loop $10.00   Level Bow Sight $15.00
Fleece on riser $10.00   Press Fee $7.00
Bow Inspection  $10.00   Kisser button  $10.00

Crossbow Service Pricing

Complete Inspection / Tune $40.00   New String and Cables Installed $125.00
 Replace String $60.00   Install Scope $25.00-50.00

Strings and Cables - Compound Bow

New String and Cables installed* $165.00   New String installed* $100.00
Tying in peep $10.00   Waxing Strings $2.00
Install String Acc. $5.00   Center Serving $30.00
Cutting to Length $1.00/arrow   Wrap Install $10.00/dozen
New insert-Install $2.00/each   Remove Insert $1.00/each
Vanes $4.00/arrow $1.50/each    Spin Broad Head  $1.00/each
Shop fee / Instruction Fee $65.00/hr   Chronograph $10.00/day $2/3arrows
Assist w/ Sight-in  $20.00      
Balance Bow Stabilizers $25.00    Archers Advantage Setup $10.00

* Includes: Nocks, D-loop, Speed nocks, Cat whiskers, and Eliminator buttons

** Free with in store purchase. 

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