Let us help you shoot better!


Tim and Amy are 

NFAA/USA Archery Instructors.

We are trained to help you:

  • Develop a better shot

  • Control your nerves

  • Develop a mental program

  • Control your target panic

  • Increase your scores

We train you using your own equipment to improve your target scores and shooting form.


Kids Lessons

If you're looking for lessons for your kids, they need to have their own equipment.

We have kids archery equipment for sale, and some instruction is provided during the set-up process.

Group Lessons

We are willing to travel to your location or you can choose to have your group meet at the shop. Get your buddies together and have a great time!

Call for details.

Discounts available

Half-day and full day lessons are available and come at a discounted rate.

Call for details.


ASK yourself these questions:

  • Are you interested in increasing your archery performance?
  • Have you ever had had buck fever and missed a hunting shot?
  • Do you get really nervous about shooting around other people?
  • Have you spent more than $100-$200 in the past 4 months on archery equipment hoping to improve your score?
  • Have you ever flinched?
  • Have you ever shot a "drive by” (i.e. the pin goes through the target and you punched it off as the pin hit the center of the target)?
  • Have you ever froze on the target (your pin is sitting on the target and you couldn’t make the shot happen)?
  • Have you ever left the range knowing you can shoot better, but don't know where to start?
  • Have you ever wondered how a lot of shooters hold so steady?
  • Have you spent hours tuning feeling there’s  something wrong with this thing (It’s not me!)?
  • Are you stuck at a certain score?

Not sure instruction is for you?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, an archery instructor may be something you should consider!

Just a Glimpse of how we’ll help:

  • We’ll develop a program specifically to target your needs and your style.
  • We’ll look at your equipment and help set that equipment up to best fit you.
  • We’ll critique your form through a comprehensive shooting analysis.
  • We’ll help you fine-tune your shot sequence.
  • We’ll let you try multiple releases types to see what fits your shooting personality.
  • We’ll help you develop goals and come up with a plan to improve your archery game.
  • We’ll help you develop a mental approach to archery.
  • We’ll put together a strong shot process tying together the physical technical and mental aspects of shooting a strong accurate shot.


Call now for a free PHONE consultation:

(608) 574-4327

After phone consultation, Sessions are $60 / hour