Tim doing an archery instruction with Brody

We are trained to help you:

Develop a better shot

Control your nerves

Advance your mental program

Master your target panic

Increase your scores

Using your own equipment, we help to improve your target scores and shooting form.

Hunter and Tim

Archery Lessons

Available for all age ranges from Children thru Seniors.  Lessons are on a one-on-one basis unless set up different.

If equipment is purchased in the shop, some instruction is provided during the set-up process.

Group Lessons

We are willing to do group lessons.  Choose to have us out at your location or you can choose to have your group meet at the shop. Space at the shop is limited to groups of 10.

Get your buddies together and have a great time!

Discounts available

Half-day and full day lessons are available and come at a discounted rate.

Free phone consultation

Call for details.



Breanna Shooting

Not sure instruction is for you?

ASK yourself these questions:

  • Have you ever had had buck fever and the shot?
  • Do you get nervous when shooting around other people?
  • Did you spend more than $100-$200 in the past 4 months on archery equipment hoping to improve your score?
  • Have you ever flinched?
  • Remember a time you froze on a target and couldn’t make the shot happen?
  • Did you ever wonder how other shooters hold so steady?
  • Have you spent hours tuning feeling there’s something wrong with the bow?
  • Are you stuck at a certain score?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, an archery instructor may be something you should consider!

Kids learning archery



Call now for a free PHONE consultation:

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shooting ATA show

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